Any race allowed, up to 20 RP. Any below-20 RP races chosen will be boosted up to 20 RP (examples will be posted soon).

You can be a monstrous race up to 27 RP in cost, if preferred. Other races will not be boosted to this level, but will instead be boosted to 20 RP and given 3 of the following 5 bonuses (player choice):

Level 17 starting gold

+2 to one ability score

+4 to one ability score and -2 to two different ability scores

1 mythic power or feat that you qualify for

2 normal feats that you qualify for

Start at Level 16, Tier 7. Be any class and archetype you want, as long as you can show me the rules for it.

Your mission is to delve into a mountain dungeon, find the lich and kill it. There will be undead, monsters, crazy bullshit, and traps, along with a definite need for characters that can deal with those sorts of things.

If you choose to play a PC that  can craft items, you do not get to spend your starting wealth on craft-price items. Instead, you will have a sum of bonus gold specifically for purchasing items you have 'made', based on the following chart:

1-3 crafting abilities (feats or mythic powers): 25% bonus gold (78,750)

4+ crafting abilities (feats or mythic powers): 50% bonus gold (157,500)

Bonus items cost full price, and must be items you actually have the ability to craft.

Anyone who wants to start with items you have created for them must either get those items from your bonus gold, or pay for them with their own gold (Anything beyond the crafting price will be given to you).

Have fun.